Family Law, Business, and Local Government Attorneys



Family Law

Family law matters can often be a difficult and emotional process for those involved.  Our attorneys have had many years’ experience in handling divorce, child custody, support, equitable distribution, paternity, modifications of the less contested matter such as adoptions.  But representation in domestic cases does not revolve solely around knowledge of the law.  Though the firm’s knowledge of the law is strong, our partners and staff also have an understanding and empathy for the emotional difficulties often suffered in a domestic matter.


Our firm has brought many families together through the adoption process.  Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in all forms of adoption including kinship, step-parent, foster parent, and adult adoptions. We are prepared to help you and your family become complete.

Juvenile Proceedings

Although Juvenile Proceedings, and child abuse and neglect cases, involve unique procedures with which many lawyers are unfamiliar, our firm is qualified to help you or your child.  Jessica Myers is experienced in handling all types of juvenile proceedings, including representation of children and parents in abuse and neglect cases.


Blaine Myers is an experienced mediator in all aspects of Family Law and has been certified by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals as a child custody mediator since 1998.  He also has experience in mediating in a wide range of other civil litigation matters.

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in handling many types of civil litigation, from the mundane to the complex.  Our firm stands ready to handle client’s litigation needs in a cost effective, competent and appropriate manner

Wills and Estates

Protecting the assets one has accumulated during a lifetime is important.  We can assist in discussing your estate planning needs, drafting wills, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and trusts, as well as representation of estates in probate.

Personal Injury

When you are hurt or your property is damaged by others, you need legal representation.  Insurance companies have lawyers and you need one too.  Through his practice spanning 37 years, Blaine Myers has handled many personal injury and wrongful death cases.  There is no need to sift through the billboards, TV ads and mail solicitations when personal representation with a proven local history of integrity is available at this firm.  The client can see our firm for his or her needs arising from automobile accidents, product liability and other claims involving the negligence of others.

Real Estate

A real estate transaction can be one of the most important legal matters a client may have in his or her lifetime.  We provide a wide range of services in real estate law, including title examinations, sales contracts, deeds, leases and other residential or commercial real estate needs.

Business Transactions

Our firm can assist in a wide range of business matters including the formation of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, as well as contract drafting and negotiation.